Board of Commissioners

The operations of the Chelsea Housing Authority is overseen by a Board of Commissioners consisting of five individuals. Four commissioners are appointed by the City Manager and one commissioner is appointed by the Governor. Click here to view the By-Laws of the Chelsea Housing Authority.

Board Meetings are typically held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Administrative office at 54 Locke Street at 8:30 am. Meetings are open to the general public. Special Meetings are scheduled from time to time and may or may not be open to the public. Meeting minutes are taken at ALL meetings and are available to the public once they are approved. To submit items to be included in the upcoming meeting agenda, email Arnaldo Velazquez or call our offices at least two business days prior to the scheduled meeting.

By-Laws of the Chelsea Housing Authority

Name Position
Juan Vega Chairperson
Sharon Caulfield Vice Chairperson
Antonio Hernandez Asst. Treasurer
Betzaida Acevedo Tenant Representative & Treasurer
Stanley Troisi Member