Our Board of Directors, Administrative and Modernization staff work together to develop capital improvement plans across our portfolio of properties. We have several projects currently in the works and others that are approaching the planning and preparation stage.

Current Modernization Projects

  • Prattville floodproofing
  • Prattville fire alarms
  • Buckley fire alarms
  • Window replacement at Mace, Scrivano and Margolis
  • Margolis carport ceiling and plumbing replacement
  • Margolis fire pump control panel replacement

Future Modernization Projects

  • Buckley electric heat replacement
  • Scrivano and Mace playground repairs
  • Scrivano and Mace kitchen and bathroom replacement
  • Prattville kitchen and bath replacement

Current Community Initiatives

  • Prattville internet accessibility project
  • Mace basketball court replacement